Air layering plant rooting ball 12cm

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A very smart, easy-to-use tool for the propagation of trees and shrubs. Extremely fast and reliable method of reproduction through the so-called „air layering”. Using our unique solution - the rooting ball - it will be extremely simple and fast! :)

A new seedling with roots is developed where the ball is placed. When the roots develop well "in the air", the seedling should be cut off and planted in the ground. The mother plant is grown further.

The fastest way to create your own bonsai. We already root a thicker branch, a thicker branch - our bonsai will have a thick trunk right away! Thanks to the creation of a new root ball on the branch, inside the ball, our future bonsai tree will immediately have shallow roots, for a flat pot.

When purchasing our rooting ball, choose the correct size - the larger ball is for rooting thicker branches. If you want to create a bonsai - it's better to choose a larger ball, thanks to which our bonsai will immediately have a thicker trunk!

  • Ball with a diameter of 5 cm - use it for rooting branches with a diameter of 3 to 9 mm
  • Ball with a diameter of 8 cm - use it for rooting branches with a diameter of 7 to 12 mm
  • Ball with a diameter of 12 cm (this offer) - use it for rooting branches with a diameter of 12 to 31 mm(!)

The 12 cm diameter transparent ball has one half of ball transparent and one half black. This halves are two separated elements.

Transparent spheres have the advantage that it is easy to see the growing roots, and it is also easier to assess the moisture level of the substrate in them.
The advantage of whole black balls is that the root formation process is optimal due to the lack of light.

air layering propagation rooting ball

The device can be used many times in next years, on another plants. It is durable and does not wear out in any way when rooting subsequent cuttings.

air layering propagation rooting ball

Examples species of trees and shrubs that can put down roots by rooting ball: lindens, maples, elms, hornbeams, ligusters, azaleas, magnolias, roses, ornamental apple trees, plums, apricots, cherries and other fruit trees, citrus trees, ficus trees, oleander, other trees from the warmer climate zone, such as figs.
And all species of trees and shrubs that can be propagated by cuttings.

The best time to start put down roots, reproduction by air layering is spring and the beginning of summer. We can reproduce potted plants this way all year round.

How to propagate trees and shrubs with the rooting ball? For reproduction we choose a healthy plant, strong branch. Make incisions on the branch with a sharp knife, to the depth of the bark, about 2 cm apart. We fill the ball with e.g. non-comminuted (fibrous) peat, moss, soil. Depending on the species, roots should form inside the ball after a few to a maximum of 10-12 weeks. Then we completely remove the ball. We don't get off ground from the roots. Using sharp pruner cut off branch below the rooting ball. Plant the rooted plant in the ground and water it. And we are happy with the new plant :)

air layering propagation rooting ball

air layering propagation rooting ball

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