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The Best Yixing Bonsai Pots Certificate The best sort of bonsai pots from Yixing. Appreciated by well known polish bonsaists.

Hand made beautiful bonsai pots in different sizes - from 4 to 55 cm. Frost resistant pots fired at temperature in the range of 1.100-1.200° C for 24 hours. Through this process the pots are durable.

Bonsai pots from Chinese Yixing region are made of 100% purple clay which is a natural resource only founded there. Purple clay is specially used for the making bonsai pots. Production started as early as Ming dynasty (1368-1644), reached a new high standard in the early and mid of Qing dynasty (1644-1912).

Bonsai pots it is more than just container... it is ART.
Every pot has stamp on the bottom - signature of artist who made it.